It’s been a long time comin’


You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted in quite some time, I’ll tell you why.

I don’t believe that I’ve explained my most recent living situation, and it’s pretty crappy. So, for well over a year I have been sleeping on an air mattress in my sisters living room, recently my good ol’ air mattress crapped the bed (no pun intended) and I was sleeping on the couch for a few weeks. Long story short, my sister and I butt heads a lot due to the different life styles we live (I’m introvert) and we couldn’t come to an agreement on me being “allowed” so sleep peacefully after 9pm, seeing as I wake up every morning at 4am for work I thought 9pm was pretty damn reasonable (I’m obviously still upset).

Anyways, I’ve been couch hopping for about a week now and off and on throughout the past two months. I haven’t had access to my laptop in quite sometime due to the bouncing around so here I am at work typing away because it’s not as busy today. Last night I stayed at a friends/ old coworkers house in Dorchester, as we we’re watching OINTB (orange is the new black) a friend of mine from the military who got out called me, I wondered why he would call at that time because I knew he worked evening shifts a lot. I went for a smoking as I was talking to him and then he told me the reason he had called.. his roommate was moving out and he needed a new one. My excitement? if you want to call it that, “f*ck yes” was my response.

So, I’m moving in Sunday and it’s been a long time comin’ for something good in my life lately. The moving process is probably going to be the worst part but whatever, I HAVE  A PLACE TO LIVE. The only thing about the move that makes it easier is that I have absolutely no furniture to lug with me, but that also means I’m going to have to find some non-existent money to buy some stuff. Find somewhere to live? Check, now its time to save back up for a car!

That is what has been going on since I’ve been gone, I will be back to writing after I get settled into the new place so stay tuned.



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