Forced responsibility


“Wow you’re so responsible for your age, that’s amazing”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing that i’m considered responsible but, get real. I had no choice but to be responsible for my two younger siblings, no child at the age of 11 should have to care, provide for and raise two children when she/he should have still been taken care of by an adult. Don’t even get me started on the random outbursts of immaturity now due to not knowing how to be a child growing up, the inability to focus on oneself and personal growth.

“Why are you so boring?”

This one grinds my gears, i’m not boring. I’m simply trying to get my life together, all I know how to be is responsible, yeah i’m in debt but what 21 year old living in America isn’t? This is for the people in the back, If being boring means I have my crap together so be it!