“Do you have daddy issues or something?”

You know what? Yes, I do, thank you so much for pointing that out. “If their fathers are alcoholics, women are more likely to marry alcoholics, because they think that’s just what men do.” —Barbara Greenberg, PhD. I think that quote covers this question for me.

“Why would you leave him!? He was a great guy!”

“He’s too nice” that’s the statement that comes to mind when this question is asked. There are a lot of reasons why women who have daddy issues steer clear of the “good guys”, some include:

  • They don’t express the same kind of arousal.
  • They prefer bad boys who are expected to hurt them rather than the “nice looking guy” who’s not expected to hurt them.
  • A guy who is considered a “bad boy” and breaks their heart is just the norm, so they’re just not used to someone being nice to them.
  • We want a project.