Happiness in a state of despair



You saved me, every bit of me. It’s what I needed, not so much what I wanted. I Joined at the age of 17, people often ask “why?” but how do I even begin to answer that? I joined because I was running, I did it for my grandma who had passed, I did it because I needed structure, I did it because I just did it. There are so many reasons why I chose the path I chose but that’s another story for another day, this is about the despair I felt after running off. Continue reading

Word of the day



Unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic); charitable acts motivated purely by altruism

We should not cast suspicion on altruistic people and organizations dedicated to improving the lot of people in need.
A threatened calf might share some genes with the rescuer, making the apparently altruistic act of saving it somewhat self-interested.
Evolutionary biology suggests our natural genetic instinct is to behave in an altruistic and supportive way if someone is being attacked.

The realities of growing up without





By: JessMess


Growing up without can mean multiple things, whether it’s growing up without money, not having parents, having parents who are dependent on drugs, being abused by those who claim to love you, etc. Different people have different experiences and different views of growing up without, I personally had a combination of all the above experiences, these are my realities. Continue reading