Trust in oneself and others


“We’ve been friends for 6 years and you still don’t trust me!?”

I run into this problem quite a bit, growing up with a drug addict for a mother and an alcoholic for a father it’s quite easy to not trust most people you cross paths with. Being friends with someone who has a lack of trust with people is a tough situation for both parties, some advice I would like to share is

  • To try to understand why it is so hard for them to trust people
  • To understand that it’s not about you
  • Don’t walk away when them giving you their trust seems impossible
  • Understand that 6 years is nothing to them

“You push me away on purpose, what is wrong with you?”

Don’t do that, point blank. I have the habit of pushing people away subconsciously. In the back of my head there’s this little version of me screaming “they’re just going to leave you behind like everyone else in your life!” “It’s too good to be true, ditch them before you get hurt”. You think you’re the only one getting hurt? People with this problem don’t often realise that we end up hurting ourselves in the long run because in a lot of situations we’re letting go of some really good people.